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Foster Care
A resource for foster parents and the community

Welcome! This web site provides information and resources for foster parents and community members on foster care and parenting.

Foster parents are people in the community that open their homes to children in need of a safe place to live. Children stay in a foster home until their own home is safe or the Department of Health and Social Services can find them a permanent home.

Foster parents play an important role in helping children become mature, responsible, and productive by offering safe homes, understanding and support.

Our Parenting Information section offers you a variety of resources to support you in your parenting role. It contains PDF resources, useful internet links and suggested books for adults and children that are available in your community. Topics include information on various childhood and youth issues, parenting techniques, as well as some fun activities to do with your children.

Contact Information

For help and information, contact the Community Social Services Worker in your community.

**A special thank you to Meeka Arnakaq, from Pangnirtung, for allowing the Department to use her drawings throughout the Foster Care website. **


This website is provided as a general resource for foster parents, care providers and community members. It is not meant to offer advice on individual situations. If you have questions or concerns about your individual situation please contact your Community Social Service Worker. If you feel you are at risk or in immediate danger, or there is risk to others, please contact the RCMP or your community medical clinic.

If you know of a child in need of protection, it is your duty to report this to the police. Contact your local RCMP, Social Services office, or tell a teacher, nurse or social worker.
If you are a child being abused or neglected, do not keep it a secret. Tell a teacher, relative, nurse, social worker or any other adult you can trust.
In an emergency, call your local RCMP detachment. If there are children in the home, the RCMP will contact the social worker. You may also go to your local shelter, if available.
Nunavut currently has Family Violence Shelters in the following communities: Cambridge Bay; Iqaluit; Kugluktuk; and Rankin Inlet. Referrals to these shelters can be made by your local social worker, RCMP, or by visiting the shelter in person.

**Thank you for visiting the Foster Parent website. We understand and are mindful of the fact that the information must be presented clearly in all four official languages – Inuktitut, English, Inuinnaqtun and French. However, as we develop this website there may be times when new website text or resources are not available in all languages right away. Please be assured that the translation is underway and other languages will be on the website as soon as they are available.
We thank you for your patience.